Wine talk gets weird

Beyond minerality, other hard-to-define elements happen because of aging. Wine is, after all, a living thing, and as the years pass, magic happens inside the bottle as fruity and floral qualities transform into something more savory. That’s why we find a well-aged riesling that smells like gasoline, a decade-old Brunello di Montalcino with aromas of old leather, a cellared Barolo wafting hints of tar and asphalt.

10 December 2012

Today’s Balcony Favourite: Raisins, soaked in Malibu Coconut Rum. 

The people around our plates tonight (a French Photographer and an Australian traveller) loved my liqueur sploshed menu: 

Tequila Prawn Fajita, 
Whisky Vegetable Soup, 
Blackberry Rum Raisin Ice Cream. 

Who wouldn’t?! 😁

No leftovers.

Today’s Balcony Favourite: Raisins, soaked in Malibu Coconut Rum.

The people around our plates tonight (a French Photographer and an Australian traveller) loved my liqueur sploshed menu:

Tequila Prawn Fajita,
Whisky Vegetable Soup,
Blackberry Rum Raisin Ice Cream.

Who wouldn’t?! 😁

No leftovers.

22 August 2012

First, we need to support country-led development: To accelerate and sustain progress, development strategies must be locally-owned and based on broad national consensus. It helps immensely where a country’s institutions are responsive and accountable, and have the capacity to implement MDG policies and programmes. Albania, for example, adopted an additional MDG, MDG 9, to strengthen good governance and improve accountability. This involves reforming state systems of public administration, legislation and policies to enhance their performance and advance development results. Development partners can help by supporting inclusive development planning which reflects the perspectives of the poor and marginalized; and also by supporting the strengthening of the local and national capacities needed to mobilise resources, deliver services and make evidence-based policy decisions.

~ "Meeting the MDGs means offering a better life to billions of people"

18 June 2010

Access is not enough « BTW, Speaking about justice…

8 June 2010

Football v. Poker

World Cup v. World Series

7 June 2010

Ranking the World Cup 2010 teams based on social justice indicators | Who Should I Cheer For?

7 June 2010

Lesotho's people plead with South Africa to annex their troubled country | World news | The Observer

6 June 2010

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (via theRSAorg


28 May 2010

Review - Aging, Biotechnology, and the Future - Ethics

26 May 2010

Too good to go to waste

Apparently even after migrating to my new site at TruBytes, I still have subscribers here. Thank you :) 

As a token of my appreciation, I’m not going to kill this space, but use it to post amazing things during my webcrawl instead. How ‘bout that?

Or if you have suggestions on what you’d like to see more here, comment is free ;)

26 May 2010

From Justbytes to Trubytes

I’m excited that the migration to the new website is complete.

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28 April 2010

Important Notice: I will soon be moving to a new website.
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~ Lishia Erza and Justbytes are moving to

24 April 2010

BBC News - UK Biobank 'close to signing up 500,000 participants'

Would you let people look into your genes?

24 April 2010

Shine On!

There is nothing more fulfilling than to spend a Wednesday night at an event where diversity is celebrated and being far away from home could win you £2,000. The event I’m talking about here is the British Council Shine! Award 2010. It is an award that celebrates international students’ achievement and contribution to life in the UK.

Participants to the competition were asked to write about their lives outside their studies, from which then a judging panel would choose the best letter as an example of what life is like in the UK for future international students. I may have not described this event accurately, so, if you want to know more, please head to the award’s website (opens in new window).

Well fed and well entertained by 2010 winners’ video diary, I couldn’t wait to blog about the event. Not to simply report/review it, but to share with you the inspiration and spirit of ideas that glowed from everyone at the venue in London.

Matthew Morton, 2009’s winner couldn’t make it to the event due to the ash cloud. He sent a heartfelt video message and one of his lines were: “We come to the UK not just for the education. We come for perspective, we come for a world view.”

Indeed we did!

At my table sat brilliant minds thinking about the future of China’s diplomacy, empowerment for developing countries in WTO’s dispute mechanism, nuclear energy as transition to a better option, innovation and technology management, and most importantly, at my table were also the people who are dedicated to helping us make these ideas take flight: the Chevening team. How cool is that?!

Listening closely to fellow scholars talk passionately in detail about their interests, the ideas they believe in, and what the future would be like if we put our minds into it… I believe each and everyone deserves a standing ovation. 

Matthew was right, we come for a perspective. What is mine? 

While my friends’ work are geared towards building a livable planet, my work in intergenerational justice is geared towards building a livable society for people young and old. Here I see that even an advanced country such as the UK has problems just like everywhere else in the world. Here I see clearer that by working together, a good world is possible. Call me utopian, call me crazy, I don’t care. There is hope! There is light! Not just one, but many! 

One doesn’t have to be the smartest, the most beautiful, the tallest, the richest, or the most talented to bring light to the world. Delfina Studio in London that night was filled with about 200 people from different backgrounds, different interests, different goals, each shining their light to the world. We’re not the only ones. YOU are one too!

Start today! Start right now! Shine your light to the people around you, light up the lives of the people near and far. Start small, start with making a person smile today :) I’d love to hear all about it!

23 April 2010


  • Scholar 1: What are your 3 favourite things in the UK?
  • Scholar 2: Lager, Ale, Cider.
  • Ah.. life outside the library.

23 April 2010

What say you?

When life gets unfair,
what can you and I do about it?
After everything is said and done,
we are only left with reflection and interpretation.

Truth, we approximate,
for you and I are different.

My name is Lishia Erza, and I believe in justice beyond borders.

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